There are certainly dozens of software programs for writers out there,
and virtually all of them have fans in the writing community.   However, here at write-brain.com we are writers ourselves and we will only promote writing software that we personally believe in... most we've created ourselves, some we are simply resellers for. 

So everything you find here, we stand behind 100% with a full 
31 day money-back guarantee

STORYBOARDING Perfect for writers, directors, cinematographers or anyone who wants to previsualize, sell a project, or prepare a script for shooting.

FrameForge Previz Studio - The Future of Storyboarding

Don't Draw Storyboards--Direct them!

FrameForge® Previz Studio 3is redefining Previsualization and Storyboarding Software.  

Revolutionary and intuitive, it allows you to previsualize your scripts in a virtual 3D world, all the time thinking like a director not like a storyboard artist.  This is an unprecedented piece of software that is revolutionizing how people are prepping shoots, selling projects and just getting those good creative juices flowing.  If you are at all involved with storyboarding, you owe it to yourself to check out this product.

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STORY DEVELOPMENT Perfect for writers of Novels, Plays, Screenplays, Television scripts, Short Stories or any Creative Writing

Power Structure Software - Creative Story Development for Writers who know how to write...

Power Structure™ is the first story development environment designed for writers who aren't in search of an electronic muse, but who have a story that they want to tell, and who simply want a better "place" to do it.

With Power Structure™ there are no complicated forms to fill out, no new theories of story or arcane terminology to learn.  Instead, it conforms to you, its nine unique story views giving you a Playground of the Mind™ where you can explore, develop and yes, even structure, the best writing of your career.

Instantly jump from looking at the smallest detail of your story to the big picture with the click of a mouse.  Graphically track conflicts, subplots, characters and themes so you never lose track of what you set out to do and what you've accomplished.

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INTEGRATED STORY DEVELOPMENT / PROSE WRITING Power Writer's powerful word processor and integrated story development tools makes it the perfect convergence of Organization and Creativity.

Power Writer - The Convergence of Oganization and Creativity Power Writer™ is the first word processor to fully integrate Outlining and Story Development tools so that your writing can finally proceed as one continuous act of creation from first idea through finished manuscript.  

Although based on Power Structure's award-winning story development concepts, Power Writer focuses more on the actual manuscript, allowing you to write anything from a short story all the way up to a full novel in one powerful, easy-to-use program.  Outlines, notes, ideas, character arcs, and much more are always in synch with the actual text regardless as to how much you edit or rewrite... and they're right at your fingertips with a simple click of the mouse, or can just as easily be hidden so you can focus purely on your prose.

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