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Criminal Psychology
The Ultimate Forensic Psychology Database

This site has been created to provide the internet's largest and most comprehensive online resource towards the disciplines of forensic psychology and forensic psychiatry, as well as any other applications of mental health towards the forensic sciences.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Guide

According to the AMA, approximately 50% of individuals with a ‘serious’ mental illness have problems with substance abuse. A significantly greater percentage of individuals with substance dependency have reported a ‘co-occurring disorder’ of some severity – most commonly depression and anxiety. As many treatment professionals know, treatment must address this strong relationship of ailments in order to be effective.

Forensic Psychology -

Hello! I would like to welcome all of my new users to the Forensic Psychology division of Suite 101. Here you will find a number of great Forensic Psychology resources. Information like weekly editorials, opinion pools, discussion groups, and a great 'best of the web' link section. So why not have a look around and drop us a line if you have questions or comments!

Psychiatry and the Law  

Table of Contents for J.F. Hooper's
Forensic Psychiatry Resource

The Suspect Confessed. Case Closed?

Not Necessarily, Researcher Says.  The days of bright lights and rubber hoses as tools to obtain confessions from criminal suspects may be gone, but the more modern methods used by police to get suspects to confess may be no less powerful.

Into the Mind of a Serial Killer

What is a serial killer?  According to, a serial killer [n] is someone who murders more than three victims one at a time in a relatively short interval. This sounds simple, but is, in fact, quite complicated.  Serial murderers are some of the most fascinating and terrifying humans ever to walk this earth.

Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream
A Forensic Psychiatrist Illuminates the Darker Side of Human Behavior
Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream
A Forensic Psychiatrist Illuminates the Darker Side of Human Behavior by Robert I. Simon, M.D.

Chapter Eleven

Genesis of a Serial Killer:
Fantasy's integral role in the creation of a monster
A thesis on the mind of a serial killer by Jeremy Anderson

Senior Paper: May, 1994, Psychology Department
Luther College, Decorah, IA 52101

Crime Times

Research, reviews and Information on Biological Causes of Criminal Violent and Sociopathic behavior

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