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All of the following links are provided purely as informational research links for writers and are not intended to supply medical or legal advice of any kind, nor to encourage any activity.

Police & their Procedures

Listen to live police scanner via the internet!


is an amazing collection of links and resources for the law enforcement community.

Crime and Police Crime and Police Database and WebSites

is a collection of searchable databases and links to websites for Crime and Police information, procedures and statistics. - The world's most popular law enforcement web site

Created in 1995, was created to be a comprehensive law enforcement resource site, and quickly became one of the top police sites on the web.

10-4: the ultimate ten codes page

Everybody knows 10-4 means OK, but how about the other 33 codes? Ten codes, or "aural brevity" codes, are used to save air time and to convey a precise, defined meaning. The word "ten" before the code number simply alerts the listener mentally that a code is about to be spoken.  This page lists all the codes and has links to other codes sites.

the Police Foundation

An independent and unique resource for policing, the Police Foundation acts as a catalyst for change and an advocate for new ideas, in restating and reminding ourselves about the fundamental purposes of policing, and in ensuring that an important link remains intact between the police and the public they serve.'s Arrests/Charges Page

A fascinating site that walks you through the process of arrest, booking, trial and so on.

Chat rooms, discussion forums and more! 

Cops 'n Writers

is a FEE-BASED consulting service for writers who wish to incorporate law enforcement elements into their writings. John Cheek, writer's consultant, offers 24 years of experience in law enforcement, giving you, the writer, the opportunity to achieve accuracy, detail and authenticity.

Police Procedures
Police Procedures on

A wonderful stepping stone for mystery writers.

Police Procedures in Australia

A comprehensive listing of police powers and procedures put out by the Australian government for its citizens -- although it's specific to Australian law it has a lot of pertinence for general police rules.


In English.

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