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Poisons & Antidotes
Poisons - A to Z

Powered by WebMD and; this is an amazingly comprehensive list of poisons, their symptoms and treatments.

INDEX of Poisonous Plants

Exactly what the name purports to be.  Also at is Poisons & Antidotes - From Steadman Shorter's Medical Dictionary, 1943

Clinical Toxinology Home Page

Here you can learn about many aspects of bites & stings, especially snake and spider bites.  This site will endeavor to provide current information on many aspects of clinical toxinology, but will have special emphasis on snakebite and spider bite.

Solubility of Poisons and Cures Solubility of Poisons and Cures

Poisoning can occur through oral ingestion, inhalation, dermal absorption, and ocular instillation.  Prevention of poisons can be easy or hard.  Despite the many educational programs aimed at prevention, however, exposure to a poison is still the most common cause of nonfatal childhood accidents at home.  In this Internet report, the solubility of poisons entering and being cured from the body will be explored.

Medieval poisons
and antidotes
Stefan's Florilegium Medieval poisons and antidotes.

A collection of of various messages having a common theme that Mark S. Harris has collected from various computer networks.  No claims are made as to the accuracy of the information given by the individual authors.

Rob's poison Bottles page

Site where you can view vintage poison bottles... not necessarily particularly useful, but kinda cool.

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