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All of the following links are provided purely as informational research links for writers and are not intended to supply medical or legal advice of any kind, nor to encourage any activity.

Forensics & Evidence Analysis
Crime Scene Investigation Web Ring

Crime Scene Investigation's web site is created to link all the crime scene related web sites. This web ring will host any web site that deals with crime scene related subjects.

Crime and Clues - The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation
Crime Scene Investigation

Collection of Crime Scene Resources and the like.

Evidence The True Witness - Forensic Science

Interested in forensic science? Evidence: The True Witness contains detailed information about the different fields. Take a tour of the site, or put your knowledge to the test by taking on the role of detective KC Rodgers and solving a crime by analyzing evidence you find.

Forensic Anthropology

Bones are the framework of the vertebrate body and thus contain much information about man's adaptive mechanisms to his environment... bones often survive the process of decay and provide the main evidence for the human form after death.

Writers Guide to the Autopsy

The purpose of this paper is to make available to screenwriters, novelists, and other interested individuals an authentic detailed narrative account of a routine postmortem examination (autopsy) as performed by a pathologist on a patient who has died in hospital.

Forensic Science Forensic Science Links & Protocols

A collection of useful links and detailed "protocols" for crime scenes, papers which cover what sort of things can be done in crime labs and the like.

Zeno's Forensic Site

On this site you will find information regarding forensic science, forensic medicine and forensic psychology. Zeno Geradts is a forensic scientist at the Netherlands Forensic Science Laboratory at the forensic computer science department in the area of forensic (video) image processing and pattern recognition.

The Science of Crime

Lets you see how scientists and forensic experts use technology to analyze evidence from crime scenes.

Questioned Document Examination Page

By Emily J. Will, Certified Document Examiner

This Web Page explains some basics about the work of forensic document examiners and handwriting identification experts. While I expect this page to be of primary interest to attorneys and clients who are experiencing some problem related to possible forgery or questioned documents, there is much here of general interest.

Latent Print Examination

Fingerprints, palm prints and footprints information including the 1994 FBI Handbook for Latent Print Processing -- all put together by Special Agent Ed German, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory

Shoe Prints &
Tire Tracks
Shoeprints and Tire tracks

Ernest Hamm has developed a database of literature for shoeprints and tire-tracks. This list is very convenient for forensic examiners.

Institute for Canine Forensics

ICF is a non-profit organization in Northern California for the advancement of research, education and certification of Forensic Evidence / Human Remains Detection Dog teams

The PC Forensics Network

A commercial site which is predominantly focused on trying to get you to hire them to do computer forensics for you, but which has some interesting tidbits of information.

Hacker Detection
Firewall FAQ
FAQ Firewall Forensics (What am I seeing)

This document explains what you see in firewall logs, especially what port numbers means. You can use this information to help figure out what hackers are up to.

This document is intended for both security-experts maintaining corporate firewalls as well as home users of personal firewalls and is highly technical.

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