Is it hard to learn?

Absolutely not!  As you can see from the graphic below, the main interface was designed to look very much like the Windows word processor you are probably already using.  If you can type in that, you'll find it even easier to type in Power Writer.

Don't confuse ease-of-use with stripped-down, though.  It's called Power Writer for a reason, giving you all the pertinent word processing features you could ever need.  Sure, it doesn't do mail merges or spread sheets or fancy tables... but it also won't ever change your font or layout simply because  you backspaced one character too many!  See How does it differ from Microsoft® Word? for more details.

Power Writer's Outline View, although probably less familiar, is also drop-dead simple to use.  Normally hidden out of sight, the outline view can be slid out simply by clicking on the drag bar on the far left edge of the screen.
  • Add New Items simply by clicking on the buttons labeled NEW... and then typing in your new text.  It will be added both here and in the main word processing (manuscript) frame automatically!
  • Reorder Items with a simple drag'n'drop -- and the corresponding text is automatically reordered for you in the manuscript frame!
  • Navigate to any Item in the manuscript frame simply by double-clicking on it in the Outline View.

Like the Outline View, Power Writer's Story Tools remain conveniently out of sight until you want them.  Then just click on the bottom drag bar and it slides upwards, ready for action.  With six easily accessible arenas (General Story, Acts, Chapters, etc.), it is a snap to keep all your development data in easy reach.

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