How does Power Writer™ differ from Microsoft® Word?

If you haven't looked at the page How is Power Writer better than my current Word Processor? then you should, as it details how Power Writer is better for the creative writer than any general purpose word processor, not simply Microsoft® Word.  

However, since many writers specifically ask us how Power Writer compares to Word, we thought we'd go into a bit more detail  here.  Note that the following chart is anything but complete, and is intended to give you an idea as to the general differences between the two programs rather than be an exhaustive comparison of their features.


Word Processing Features Microsoft® Word Power Writer
Full Word Processing capabilities including complete font, margin, line spacing, paragraph borders, widow/orphan, keep-together flags, and Style Sheet Control  
WYSIWYG Display including full Page Layout Viewing Mode
WYSIWYG Page Breaks when using Style Sheets that are defined as Non-Printing  
Spell Check and Thesaurus
Real-time Spell Checking with auto-typo Correction and on-screen underlining of misspelled words  
Full dictionary definitions of most words, including definitions of suggested synonyms   
Familiar Word Processor Interface  
User definable Control/Alt Keys
Macro capability
Mail Merge Capabilities    
Embedded sounds clips    
Spreadsheet layout and Tables    
Grammar Checking     
Story Development Microsoft® Word Power Writer
Bookmarks and embedded "live" hyperlinks  
Outline View Use for document Navigation  
(Document Map - non-Editable) 

(fully editable)
Use to reorder text  
(Outline View - non-WYSIWYG) 

(manuscript always remains WYSIWYG)
Includes non-textual hierarchies such as Act and Chapter Data  
Fully Editable while still displaying document in WYSIWYG mode  
Outline items can be categorized by color and status  
Tree-Style view of hierarchy for ease of analysis  
One-Click adding of new elements within outline view  
Automatically synchronized with Act/Chapter & Plot Point Story Development Data    
Plot Point (Story Beat) Categorization with Color Highlighting - allows you to visually identify the subplots or parts of your story so that you can better analyze its structure  
Plot Point (Story Beat) Status Icons - mark any moment as needing more work, being completed, or having any other status.  
Story/Theme, Act, Chapter, Plot Point and Character Development  
Keep all research, notes and story development in the same file as the manuscript, instantly accessible but out of the way as you're writing.   
Display your story development information while the entire text of a chapter/sequence is still on-screen  
Theme, Act, Chapter and Character work areas to develop rich and dynamic stories  
Integrated Research storage    
Miscellaneous Microsoft® Word Power Writer
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