Power Writer™ Interface

Power Writer is designed to work for you, not the other way around. A standard, familiar interface means you can jump in and be comfortable almost immediately, while the power under the hood lets you really make the program yours: with draggable toolbars, user customizable keystrokes, a powerful built-in Macro language and much more.

As you can see below, Power Writer's normal Word Processing screen probably looks very much like the one you're used to seeing.  However, hidden on the left and bottom of the main screen are the Outline View and Story Tools frames respectively, which can be slid out with a simple mouse click or control-key press.  Click anywhere in the graphic below for a simple demonstration.  

Note: if you want to pause the animation, simply click the stop button (red square), to resume, press the play button (green triangle).

IT'S IMPORTANT TO NOTE that you can work in Power Writer with any combination of the three frames shown in the animation above open (even all three simultaneously); they all can be opened or closed with a single mouse click or control-key press, and they are all resizable to fit your needs and the capabilities of your monitor. 

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