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Who would benefit from using
Power Trackerô?

  • Novelists
  • Short Story writers
  • Editors
  • Song Writers
  • Agents
  • Screenwriters
  • Playwrights
  • TV writers
  • Production Companies
  • Freelance Journalists
Anyone who is serious about the business of writing
and selling their work--regardless of whether they 
have an agent, manager or are going at it alone.

Why do you need it?

Because having an agent or manager isn't enough.  The most successful writers are the ones who go out there and make it happen themselves.  They're the ones who set up book signings, who read the trades and figure out what's going on, the ones who take charge and make sure their material gets to the people who are going to be most interested in it.  

That takes a lot of commitment, but once you've made the decision to succeed, Power Tracker can be a powerful ally in making it all happen.

Power Tracker's Top Features

  • Automatic Follow-Up Reminders keep things from EVER slipping through the cracks
  • Detailed on-screen and printable reports allow you to quickly and easily stay on top of every project's status
  • Flexible expense tracking allows you to painlessly keep track of all your writing expenses right as they happen during the submission process
  • Integrated file management means that you'll always be able to instantly find any file associated with any project (such as a treatment or old draft) without having to search through masses of backup disks
  • Full submission and closure categorization means that you'll always be able to target contacts who've liked your work in the past and who'll want to see your latest project
  • Integrated email sending and word processing means that you can painlessly keep track of everything you've said to anyone in one simple place
  • Searchable notes means you can always easily go back and find who said what to whom, days, months or even years after the fact
  • And much, much more!

What are people saying about Power Trackerô?

"I'm very excited about the program. I hope you plan to market it to writers agencies and I'll surely recommend it to mine, Writers House in NY.  I found the program easy to use, with everything I would need to keep my publishing projects organized, together, and in one place--something I have yet to do.

Thanks for producing such a needed product. I'd be happy to recommend it to other writers."

Sheila Ellison, best-selling author
"The Courage to be a Single Mother", "The Courage to Love Again"

"[Power Tracker] has proven to be a fantastic tool in keeping track of the details of sending off one's work to various contacts.  You have a solidly-written program that delivers what it promises, and as for the user-friendliness of Power Tracker, I'd say you have a complete winner. The core features are precisely what every professional writer needs, plus the flexibility of being able to add new categories, genres, etc. make it a personal, indispensable tool."

Deborah Cravey, short-story writer &
acquisitions director, Avid Film Camp

"When I first saw Power Tracker, I didn't think it would be useful to me since I let other people take care of that part of my business, so I can just concentrate on the writing.  After playing around with it for a while, however, I've done a complete 180 on the program's usefulness.  In my case, the expense record alone will pay for the program.  I'm an incurably bad expense keeper, and that always costs me in the end. 

Furthermore, the very reason things get confused around here is BECAUSE I don't pay close enough attention to business details.   With Power Tracker, it's easy for me to keep my agent on his toes, to let him know that I know the who's, what's, when's, why's, and where's of my projects.  That's a powerful feature in itself 'cause I've been snookered by agents in the past who were supposed to be taking care of business for me... and didn't. 

Keeping track of your projects is every bit as important as sound structure and snappy dialogue.  As important as the writing, is how you keep track of the job once it's out there.  A good script isn't much good if it doesn't sell, and Power Tracker can only help in this respect."

Paul Peterson, Head Story Consultant
Creative Characters, and former writing
partner of Sam Peckinpah, dir./writer "Straw Dogs"

"We like what your programming staff has done [with Power Tracker]. It is clear that they not only know how to write code, but also comprehend the intricacies of project accounting plaguing virtually every writer and film production company.  After testing Power Tracker, we are convinced it will be a desirable tool for writers and producers working in every media and genre."

Jim Holloway
Executive Director
Star Harbor Films

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