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Who would benefit from using
Power Structure™?

  • Novelists
  • Short Story writers
  • Editors
  • Screenwriters
  • Playwrights
  • TV writers
Virtually ANY creative writer and people
who work with creative writers

Built by the same team that brought you ScriptThing and Movie Magic® Screenwriter, Power Structure™ brings the same intuitive ease-of-use, power and flexibility that these programs are known for, and applies them to the story development process.  

Complete integration with both ScriptThing™ & Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ allows you to take a script that you want to rewrite, and simply open it in Power Structure and have all your entire script in the program ready for analysis and rewriting.  When you're done with the restructuring / rewriting, simply click a button and it exports it back to a ScriptThing/Screenwriter Script with all your dialogue, character names and so forth still all formatted correctly for you!

Why Power Structure?

Pretty much everyone involved with creating the Power Structure program is a published or produced writer.

Our expertise cover the range from novels to screenplays, to teaching writing, and even giving lectures and writing books on story analysis.

Sure, there are almost as many Story Development software programs out there as there are Writing Gurus... so many of them that you are probably thinking: why do we need another one?  The answer is surprisingly simple. 

Until Power Structure, the only sort of programs available were ones designed for writers who wanted writing help from some sort of electronic muse, and if you're anything like us... that just doesn't sound all that attractive.

I'm a writer because I have stories that I want to tell. 

Power Structure is designed to help me use my existing skills as a writer to tell these stories better, and to give me tools to help me discover my own weaknesses as a writer and overcome them myself

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What it won't do

Tell you "insert more action here," or "make your protagonist compulsively neat because your obstacle character is a slob."

If you want that kind of computerized paint-by-the-numbers help, you'll need to purchase some other program.  However, if you're a writer who wants to write, then Power Structure is for you.

What it will do

Inspire you to think about story elements and character development in ways that you might not have thought about before. 

It will give you a Playground of the Mind™ : innovative, graphic methods of looking at your story, its conflicts, character development and more so that you can easily spot weak areas and strengthen them.  It will let you write in a manner that is most comfortable to you, letting you jot down ideas and write scenes in any order you want. 

And most of all, it will simply give you a better place to write.

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