Full Screen Word Processor View

Use this View to write in a clean, uncluttered place.

If you want to write dialogue, full scenes, or whatever else you want, feel free.

Have a brilliant thought just come to you?   With Power Structure, never lose one again!

A Blank Page can often be a very daunting environment... but sometimes you may just want to clear away all the distractions and focus on simply writing.

This View gives you that freedom.

From within it, you can Create New Story Beats, edit existing ones, change their one line text--e.g. "Casablanca is the gateway to freedom"--delete any that you want to remove, and even "walk" your way through them simply by pressing the up or down arrow keys.

You can write as much text as you like in this view, from a single line to hundreds of pages in one Story Beat (not that we recommend the latter, but you could!).  Write snatches of dialogue or whole scenes, or just put down rough notes.  It's all up to you.

As the animation above shows, when you reach the end of one, you're automatically taken to the next one, and so on.  You can also go "upwards" or simply click on the drop-down list and jump to the Story Beat you want to work on.

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