3 Act Structure

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Power Structure's unique Must Happen Lists are a great way of making sure that you actually accomplish what you set out to do.
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Aristotle codified the basic 3 Act Structure of dramatic storytelling in his Poetics well over two thousand years ago, and not only is the concept still going strong, but it is wonderfully compatible with other models of storytelling such as Campbell & Vogler's Hero's Journey.

Power Structure brings the power of the 21st Century (give or take a year!) to these ancient concepts, helping you build your stories with strong acts that have dramatic relevance for each of your characters, thus helping you to create an extremely strong framework on which the rest of your story can be built.

Recently, at the 1999 Banff International Television Festival, Aaron Sorkin, playwright and screenwriter of An American President and A Few Good Men, as well as the creator, writer and producer of the acclaimed television shows "Sports Night" and "The West Wing," said that all writers should read the Poetics, and that he believes virtually any story or structural problem can be addressed by some part of this seminal treatise.

With that in mind... Click Here to download the Poetics in PDF form.

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