Power Tracker Demo Download

Since there's nothing like trying the real thing, the Power Tracker Demo is the actual Power Tracker Program, but with a limitation on the number of files, submissions and expenses that you can track.

It is a 5.14MB download and you should click on the link below to download it...

Click HERE to Download the Windows* Demo

* Works on any 32 bit version of Windows including the new Windows XP

Click HERE to Download the Macintosh* Demo

* Requires a PowerPC (which includes G3,G4 and iMac) running at least OS 8.1

To make the most of your experience with the demo, we HIGHLY recommend that you also download the full Power Tracker Manual (5.65MB) in Adobe® PDF Format.  This manual requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader which is most likely already installed on your system.

Click HERE for the Manual as a Windows self-extracting exe
Click HERE for the Manual as a Macintosh Stuffit .sit file
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