Conflict Overview

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Power Structure's unique Conflict Overview lets you graphically see the evolution and clashes of the conflicts in your story.

Within this view you can insert new conflicts, heighten or resolve conflicts and even add completely new plot points.

Many writers describe story as the conflict between characters, and Power Structure is perfectly happy to work using this paradigm.

Power Structure is the only program on the market that allows you to see all your story's conflicts as a graph, so you can visually see how they evolve, peak and are resolved.   With a glance, it lets you see if you have too much happening at one moment, while another section is "dead."

This View is also much more than just an analysis tool; you can do "live" editing of your conflicts, change the assigned tension level, reorder specific Story Beats (in the above graphic they are labeled as Scenes), and you could even write your entire story from within this view if you wanted to!

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