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You can categorize each Story Beat into one of ten differently colored & named categories.

You might want to use this feature to help track the progress of a love story, make sure you keep a subplot running through the entire story, or even keep track of the body count in a horror movie...

Whatever terminology you use to define the most basic unit of the story, this is where you can focus on looking at the "trees" rather than the forest.  Remember, that although the graphic above calls them "scenes", we are calling them Story Beats.

But whatever we call them, they are really the same thing.

The left hand "pane" of this window lists a short description of each Story Beat, and underneath each one are further detail items where you can introduce, heighten and resolve conflicts; explore who this Story Beat affects most in the story, and exactly how it affects them; examine how this Story Beat relates to the larger themes and Overall Ticking Clock and so on.

The right panel changes according to what option is selected on the left, and lets you fill in details, explore, and develop this Story Beat to whatever degree you like.

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