Sequences or Chapter View

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You can change the terminology used by Power Structure at any point, for all your stories, or on a project-by- project basis. 

Thus, when writing a novel, this section would be labeled as Chapters, in a film, they might be Sequences or Journey Stages, or whatever you'd like.

If one looks at a story from the top down, you'd start with a Theme or Premise that encompasses the entire story.  Below that, you might find Aristotle's Three Act Structure

Under that, would be a Chapter if you were writing a  novel; a Sequence, Scene, or  TV / Stage Play Act if you were writing for film, television or the stage and using its terminology; or perhaps a Journey Stage if you were working using the ideas of Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler's Hero's Journey.

Regardless of what you call it, this Sequence allows you to group together a series of Story Beats and has useful questions to help ensure that this Chapter or Sequence has a strong focus and story movement, and that you actually accomplished in it all that you set out to do.

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