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Power Structure doesn't force its own way of working on you.

You tell the program to use the terminology and theories of story telling that you are most comfortable with, not the other way around.

This is the first View in the program.  It is where you can explore your overall BIG story concepts.

It is here that you can type in a synopsis, or think about backstory, or write that potentially crucial pithy two line pitch.   And like most everything in Power Structure, you can change the category names in the drop-down list, in addition to being able to add, delete or revise any of the basic categories.

You can write as much or as little text as you like here, from two words to twenty pages.  Power Structure doesn't care; like everything else in the program, this section is designed to get you thinking about important ideas and to get your creative juices flowing... but if you don't find that thinking about this kind of thing is useful to the way you work, then simply skip it and move on to something that is!

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