How does Power Writer™ differ from Power Structure™?

Although they both share a common philosophy of giving you, the writer, the tools to better use your own skills as a writer to create the best work you have in you, they do have a difference in focus.  Power Structure gives you most tools and views for the deepest structural analysis, while Power Writer gives you far superior word processing and manuscript handling capabilities.

So, which Program is right for you?


Story Development Power Structure Power Writer
Must Accomplish Items - running checklist reminders of things you have to accomplish before you can move to the next Chapter or Act  
Plot Point (Story Beat) Categorization with Color Highlighting - allows you to visually identify the subplots or parts of your story so that you can better analyze its structure
(10 categories)

Plot Point (Story Beat) Status Icons - mark any moment as needing more work, being completed, or having any other status.
(4 icons)

(18 icons)
Story/Theme, Act, Chapter, Plot Point and Character Development
Quick Note Entry with searching
Conflict Tracking with Graphical (and editable) Display - allows you to define any given plot point as introducing, heightening and/or resolving one or more conflicts, then view and edit these conflicts in an easy-to-use graphical interface  
Character Roles in Conflicts - allows you to specify what role each character plays in a conflict, who's involved in the conflict and the like  
View your project on categorized Index Cards or as index cards which display both the plot points and each character's growth or role within it  
View your project in a Gestalt View - letting you step back and "see the forest for the trees"  
Display your story development information while the entire text of a chapter/sequence is still on-screen  
Editing/Reordering Options Power Structure Power Writer
Reorder elements of your project by dragging and dropping them in the Outline View
Reorder elements of your project by dragging and dropping them in the Gestalt View  
Reorder Plot Points by dragging and dropping them in the Index Card View  
Reorder elements of your project by dragging and dropping them within a continuous paginated document  
Word Processing Features Power Structure Power Writer
Use Bold/Italics & Underline in your document
Spell Check and Thesaurus
Real-time Spell Checking with auto-typo Correction and on-screen underlining of misspelled words   
Full dictionary definitions of most words, including definitions of suggested synonyms  
Full Word Processing capabilities including complete font, margin, line spacing, widow/orphan and Style Sheet Control   
User Defined Alt/Control Keys and Macros   
View your project as a Continuous Paginated document with optional WYSIWYG Page Layout View   
Familiar Windows Word Processor Interface  
Embedded and Referenced Notes  
Bookmarks and embedded "live" hyperlinks  
Importing/Exporting Power Structure Power Writer
Power Structure <---> Power Writer
Movie Magic Screenwriter & Final Draft Files (with export to RTF)
General RTF Files (e.g. Word Files)  

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