Program Updates

All of our software programs use an integrated WEBGRAB program to handle all updates.  To run WebGrab under any flavor of Windows, simply click your Start button, select Programs, then the program in question, and finally choose WebGrab Internet Updater.  Under any Mac OS, simply open the folder in which the program is installed and double-click the WebGrab program.

Normally WebGrab will update itself whenever needed, but in rare cases, operating system changes make this impossible.  You can always get the latest version of the WebGrab Updater below, so if you experience problems running Webgrab, you might want to download the appropriate update.

Power Structure WebGrab (Windows)
Power Structure WebGrab (Macintosh)

Power Writer WebGrab (Windows)


Because there's no substitution for the real thing, all Demos are the actual programs, but with severe limitations as to their allowed file size and with certain features such as printing or exporting limited or otherwise disabled.  All Windows demos require a minimum of Windows 95 or better and will run fine on any operating system through Windows XP.  Macintosh programs typically Mac OS X 10.4.11 or better unless otherwise specified.

FrameForge Previz Studio 3

The Closest Thing to Shooting Live

Click HERE to download the Windows or Macintosh Demos (250MB+)

The FrameForge 3D Studio demo installs directly from the web and consists of an approximately 250MB download.

Note: the demo automatically install PDFs of both the full program manual and the demo manual, but if you want to review either of them prior to installing the full demo then you may do so by clicking on either link below.

Power Structure Software - Creative Story Development for Writers who know how to write...


To make the most of your experience with the demo, we HIGHLY recommend that you also download the full Power Structure Manual (4MB) in Adobe® PDF Format.  Reading the manual on Windows requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader which is most likely already installed on your system.

Power Writer - The Convergence of Organization and Creativity

Click HERE to Download the Windows Demo (3.88MB) 

Power Writer contains incredibly complete Online help, full What's This? help and four Interactive Tutors, so there is no additional manual to download.

At present, we do not have a Macintosh version of Power Writer, although we do intend to develop it.

Click HERE to Download Thesaurus & Dictionary Definitions (4.99MB)
To minimize the size of the demo download, it does not contain the thesaurus and dictionary definition files that the main program does.  If you want to add them to the demo, click on the link above AFTER you've installed the demo and then unzip these two files into the demo program directory.

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