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Don't Draw Storyboards.  Direct Them! 
Version 3 now available for Windows and Macintosh

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FrameForge® Previz Studio 3
The Power of Previz™

FrameForge Previz Studio 3 brings a virtual 3D film studio right into your computer.  Build interiors and exteriors with drag'n'dop simplicity, place actors, props and cameras just like you were on a sound-stage and then snap storyboard frames with just a click of a button.

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Power Structure™
Award Winning
Story Development /
Outlining Software
  Power Writer™
Powerful Word Processing with fully integrated Outlining & Story Development Tools
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Introducing Power Writer™
The first Word Processor with fully integrated Story Development and Outlining Tools!

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Based on Power Structure's award-winning development tools, Power Writer focuses more heavily on the actual manuscript, allowing you to write anything from a short story all the way up to a full novel in one powerful, easy-to-use program.  And its integrated Story Development & Outline Tools finally lets your writing proceed as one continuous act of creation from first idea through to final manuscript.

Outlines, notes, ideas, character arcs, and much more are always in synch with the actual text regardless as to how much you edit or rewrite... and they're right at your fingertips with a simple click of the mouse, or can just as easily be hidden so you can focus purely on your prose.

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Introducing Power Structure™
The award-winning Story Development software designed
for writers who know how to write!
Now available for Windows AND Macintosh

Writing software for writers who know!   Click here to download a demo!

Power Structure isn't another one of those "fill-in the forms" story development programs; it never tries to tell you what to write nor how to do it!

Instead you write your story using the terms and theories of story telling that make the most sense to you. Write in its unique Playground of the Mindwhere you use your own skills as a writer to produce the strongest, most thought-out, and yes, best structured stories of your career.

"The more I use Power Structure, the more I like it. It's fallen into my 'natural' category - as in, 'How did I get along without this?'"

Roger S. H. Schulman Oscar®-nominated writer, Shrek

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"Despite initial misgivings about being "guided" in story development, I found myself entering information almost instantly.  After half an hour, I was surprising myself at some of the story points I was developing, and began to realize that Power Structure was essentially helping me do what I normally do before starting a screenplay but [...] Power Structure allowed me to do it once, and change it around anyway I wanted with incredible flexibility.

I'm converted, because it doesn't ask me to learn a whole new way of developing stories, but rather simply organizes my screenplay the way I've done for 20 years, but in a way that inspires me even more."

Jim Makichuk, Writer/Director
"GhostKeeper" (feature picture - Badland Pictures/New World) & "Roswell" (MOW- Paramount/Singer/White)

From the 2001 New York Screenwriter Software Review

"They call it Power Structure and you should read the
remainder of this sentence very, very carefully:

Every Screenwriter in the world needs Power Structure... [it] is the one tool that proves that there is a God, and that She loves screenwriters."

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See for yourself why C.A. Mobley, best-selling author of "Rites of War" called the program "Stunningly Innovative!"

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